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Why Third Party Safety Audits are Best
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Posted on Monday, March 6, 2017

Why Conducting Third Party Safety Audits is Best for Your Business

Safety audits are conducted to assess safety management systems, determine policies and procedures in regard to safety and OSHA compliance, and to identify which regulations apply to specific areas or facilities. Audits are conducted on either a voluntary or required basis by knowledgeable and experienced safety professionals who will assist in reducing risk to employees and ensure compliance with OSHA’s ever-changing standards and regulations. While safety audits may be conducted internally, there are major benefits to bringing in a third-party to conduct the audit for you.

Benefit #1 – Specialized Knowledge
Safety professionals, such as a Certified Safety and Health Official (CSHO), have conducted audits in multiple different environments and are able to share best practices and policies that have worked in similar environments to your company’s. They are able to provide proven recommendations for growth and change based on experience, and can provide validation for existing programs you have in place.

Benefit #2 – Lower Impact on Your Business
Internally conducted audits directly impact your time and labor resources and as a result, diminish your primary business functions by taking someone away from their everyday tasks. A third party auditor’s sole purpose, however, is conducting the safety audit in an efficient manner without interrupting or taking away from your primary business functions.

Benefit #3 – Objectivity
You need a completely neutral assessment and review of your safety systems and processes without the natural comradery that occurs over time with your regular staff through their everyday routines. Third party auditors are able to come in and provide a truly objective assessment.

Benefit # 4 – Accuracy of Results
A third party auditor is able to provide the most accurate assessment of what is really occurring within the different environments of your company in regard to safety, because they are in a more objective position compared to an internal employee.

Bringing in an objective and unbiased third party auditor to assess your safety policies and procedures provides your business with fresh eyes and a unique approach to the research, review, and analysis of your safety programs without interrupting your primary business functions. This can make a major impact in the prevention of workplace accidents and injuries.

Safety compliance is a necessity for any business in today’s competitive and legal environment. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA) guarantees workers a safe workplace and OSHA backs up this guarantee with hundreds of safety rules, guidelines, and regulations. Your organization must comply with these rules and regulations or risk paying stiff fines.The Arnold Group can provide specific safety solutions for companies that may not have the time, expertise or resources needed to evaluate their environments. To avoid the fines and penalties coinciding with non-compliance, request a safety assessment with TAG today.

Article Categories: Safety