FAQ - The Arnold Group (TAG) - A Human Resource Company
FAQ - The Arnold Group (TAG) - A Human Resource Company

What services does The Arnold Group provide?

Temporary Staffing

TAG's Temporary/Supplemental Staffing services are provided for those companies with short- and long-term assignments. This is typically a good solution to complete special projects, manage normal fluctuations in work flow, control overtime costs during peak periods, as well as manage vacancies, absences, burnout, and additional turnover.
Additionally, TAG's staffing services may allow you to identify qualified employees for regular, full-time employment.

Executive Search and Placement

TAG works with organizations to locate suitable candidates with a specific skill set, which are often harder to find or require a certain background. Acting as both headhunter and recruiter, TAG takes a proactive approach to finding the best candidate for the job.

Developmental Training

TAG provides the necessary resources in which organizations and employees can refine their skills, discover their distinctiveness, and realize their potential. The Arnold Group works with you to customize training programs designed around your objectives. Click here for a comprehensive list of training topics offered by TAG.

Testing & Evaluation

TAG provides your company with fast, accurate and cost-effective employment pre-screening alternatives capable of evaluating individuals for skill-level, talent, intelligence, and motivation to reduce uncertainty during the hiring process and help you better retain your recruiting investment. Click here for a complete listing of testing solutions.

HR Consulting

TAG provides a variety of HR consulting services for small- to mid-sized companies to address the human resource needs that you simply don't have the time, expertise or resources to address effectively. Our solutions are highly customized designed to deliver day-to-day efficiencies as well as long-term strategic advantage through improved HR management. Our services can be delivered independently or as integrated bundles to give clients the flexibility and expertise they need, when they need it.

Safety Consulting

Our safety solutions are highly customized and designed to deliver day-to-day efficiencies as well as long-term strategic advantages through improved safety management. Our Certified Safety and Health Official can respond to the safety needs that you simply don't have the time, expertise or resources to address effectively. Click here for a complete listing of our safety training topics.

What size of companies does TAG work with?

We work with ever size of company, including many of the largest and most respected companies in Kansas. Our system profiles your company culture and specific job requirements so we are able to quickly and easily match your exact needs to the skills of our associates. Our process ensures our associates will be productive from their first day on the job.

What makes TAG different from other HR firms?

In addition to staffing, we provide a full range of human resources consulting services through on-site and outsourced services and have built our reputation by assisting our clients in meeting their business objectives through HR strategy. TAG's staffing and HR management solutions are tailored specifically to our clients’ needs, providing them with increased workforce flexibility, productivity and profitability. We offer the unique combination of experience, methodology, and professional commitment that makes us the right choice as your HR partner.

Why should I use TAG’s staffing services?

TAG matches thousands of employees to jobs every year. Staffing is one of our core competencies... our flexible staffing solutions offer you alternatives when forced to adjust staffing levels in relation to changing business requirements.

Isn’t it easier to just hire our own employees?

Although it might seem easier to hire your own employeess, it often isn’t – especially if you’re looking for qualified, temporary employees to augment or replace your permanent workforce. The time, expense, and energy it takes to recruit and qualify employees far outweigh any benefits your organization might receive. Since TAG handles the recruiting, screening, hiring and HR functions for you, your company receives all of the benefits of having highly-skilled technicians on your crew without any of the headaches.

Are temporary employees more expensive than direct hires?

It’s a common myth that temporary staffing providers are more expensive for employers than direct hires. Since TAG’s innovative staffing process gives your organization the ability to effectively manage workloads, schedule new projects and cover absences, your ROI skyrockets through improved efficiency and strategic increases in workload capacity.

Does TAG only provide staffing solutions for certain industries?

We maintains our position as a leader among staffing and recruiting firms by providing qualified associates in over 250 skill categories directed at meeting our clients’ needs for both temporary staffing and executive placement positions.

What is TAG's Quality Assurance Process?

Our Quality Assurance Process is a systematic communications procedure designed to ensure complete customer satisfaction throughout the assignment. Once our associate is placed on an assignment, our staff conducts a series of quality initiatives to benchmark your satisfaction. Our staff is professionally trained, qualified and committed to providing the highest level of quality service.

How much will I be charged to hire a TAG Associate?

The cost of hiring a TAG associate is contingent on the job requirements and the experience of the employee. You will only be billed for the hours worked by the TAG Associate.

What is included in the hourly bill rate?

TAG offers a flexible, all inclusive bill rate comprised of: the associate’s hourly compensation, state and federal payroll taxes, FICA (Social Security & Medicare), insurance (liability, worker’s compensation and unemployment) and administrative costs.

How quickly can a position be filled?

Based on the requirements of the position, TAG can usually have a position filled by the next day and in some instances, the same day.

What does TAG’s basic screening process entail?

TAG will meet with a candidate for an in-depth interview. Recruiters will clarify skills, abilities, and career goals of candidates. Appropriate skills are verified and references are checked.

How do we find talented and skilled candidates?

In addition to our database of over 75,000 regional and local candidates, we have extensive experience in direct recruiting. We utilize a variety of online resources, including many of the top internet recruiting and social networking sites.

What skills are tested when evaluating a candidate?

TAG can validate a variety of skill evaluations to include math, grammar, typing, data entry, accounting, and software proficiency. Click here to view a comprehensive list of our Assessment Solutions.

How does TAG manage workload peaks and valleys?

We are constantly recruiting talent and and therefore maintain a large pool of qualified candidates for immediate placement. Whether you need 1 or 100 employees tomorrow, next week or next month, TAG can help.

Can TAG help with a long-term temp position (i.e. maternity leave)?

Absolutely. The Arnold Group staffs for short- and long-term positions.

What if I want to hire a TAG associate for a regular, full-time position?

If you are interested in offering a regular, full-time position to a TAG associate, contact us to ensure co-employment issues are avoided.

What happens if I am not satisfied with a TAG associate?

TAG offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all temp and temp-to-hire placements. If you are not satisfied with a TAG associate, notify us within the first four days of their assignment and you will not be charged. 

What should I do if an associate is injured on the job?

Notify The Arnold Group immediately. If the associate needs medical treatment, please send them to one of our medical facility partners