Safety Consulting Services - The Arnold Group (TAG)
The Arnold Group (TAG) is dedicated to creating and maintaining safety in the workplace and believes education is the first step to achieving compliance. The infographic OSHA Safety Violations illustrates the most common workplace safety violations and how they impact your bottom line as well as the best solutions for remaining compliant with OSHA’s guidelines. Contact us to discuss safety assessments and individual solutions for your work environment.

Safety compliance is a necessity for any business in today’s competitive and legal environment. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA) guarantees workers a safe workplace and backs up this guarantee with hundreds of safety rules, guidelines, and regulations. Your organization must comply with these rules and regulations or risk paying stiff fines. The Arnold Group can provide specific safety solutions for companies that may not have the time, expertise or resources needed to evaluate their environments.

The Arnold Group offers workplace safety training solutions that adhere to OSHA regulations to small- and mid-sized companies. Our solutions are highly customized based on individual client needs and are designed to deliver day-to-day efficiencies as well as long-term strategic advantages through improved safety management. Our training curriculums designed around vital safety training topics can be delivered independently or as integrated bundles to give clients the flexibility and expertise they need, when they need it.