Asking Questions During a Job Interview
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Asking Interview Questions

Know what questions NOT to ask...

Don't inquire about vacation time, benefits or your office space at the first interview. These questions are appropriate only after the hiring manager has expressed serious interest in offering you the position.

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Consider asking the following questions at your next interview:

  • In what ways has this organization been most successful in terms of products and services over the years?
  • What accounts for success within the company?
  • Describe the corporate culture. What kind of employee behavior conforms to it?
  • Are there any big company-wide initiatives coming in the next fiscal year?
  • How does the company reward above-average performance—beyond dollars?
  • Where do you see this company in five years, 10 years?
  • Why is this position open?
  • How often has it been filled in the past five years?
  • What skills and abilities did the last person lack?
  • What were the main reasons given when the position has turned over?
  • What aspects of the job have previous people disliked the most?
  • What skills and qualifications are essential for success in the position of ______?
  • What duties would I perform during a typical day on the job?
  • What type of support does this position receive in terms of people, finances. etc?
  • What would I be expected to accomplish in this position?
  • What would you like to have done in the next 3 months?
  • What are the immediate priorities for the person you hire?
  • What are some of the more difficult problems one would face in this position?
  • What are some of the objectives you would like to see accomplished in this job?
  • What are the greatest challenges in this position?
  • What are the most pressing tasks in this position?
  • What’s the organizational structure of my department (and/or the company)?
  • What are some of the long-term objectives you would like to see completed?
  • What freedom would I have in determining my own work objectives, deadlines, and methods of measurement?
  • What significant changes do you foresee in the near future? How is one evaluated in this position?
  • What advancement opportunities are available for the person who is successful in this position, and within what time frame?
  • When employees have been successful in this job, what positions have they moved to — inside and outside the company?
  • Can I talk with employees I’d be managing?
  • In what ways can the team I will be working with improve?
  • How much experience does the team I’d be joining have?
  • How do you think I fit the position?
  • When do you expect the final decision to be made?
  • What is the next step in the hiring process? Should I call to follow up, or will you contact me?

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Now that you're prepared for the interview, don't forget the final detail...dressing for success.