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How well is your resume performing? Have you followed all the rules and guidelines of good resume writing? Using the following criterion to objectively evaluate your resume for improvements:

Overall Appearance

Do you want to read it? Does it look good without reading it?

Format and Layout

Does the resume look professional, well typed and printed with good margins, etc.?


Is it free from grammar, spelling or typing errors?


Does the content point to the employment objective?


Does resume avoid generalities and focus on specific information about experience, projects, products, etc.?


Has extraneous material been eliminated?


Is all important information included?

Writing Style

Is it easy to get a picture of the applicant’s qualifications?


Is the resume skill based? Count the number of skills listed.


Are the applicant’s accomplishments and problem-solving skills emphasized?


Are keywords and phrases easy to identify?

Action Orientation

Do sentences and paragraphs begin with action verbs?


Could the resume tell the same story if it were shortened? Is it a reasonable length?


Is it an honest presentation of your best?

Is it Scannable?

Is it designed to be easily read by a scanning system?


Does the content capture an employer’s interest?

Bottom Line

How well does the resume accomplish its purpose of getting the employer to invite the applicant for an interview?