Labor and Insights August 2016 eNewsletter
Labor and Insights August 2016 eNewsletter
Onboarding: The Missing Piece of Your Talent Brand
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Onboarding: The Missing Piece of Your Talent Brand

Companies want to attract the best talent. People want to work for the best companies. The definition of "best" varies, of course, but that's the beauty of a brand: it doesn't have to be “one size fits all.”

Now a business imperative, a good talent brand successfully attracts the kind of people who help a business grow. A strong talent brand also reflects the new workplace paradigm: a two-way relationship between organizations and talent. Hiring is no longer just a matter of an employer deciding whether to hire someone but now includes candidates researching and considering companies in much the same way they evaluate consumer products.

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Tip of the Month

Put Your Safety Program in Writing

Most companies prepare safety programs because of requirements for local and federal compliance. But a good safety program can do far more than simply keep you on the right side of the law. By helping you ensure that you have the right systems and programs in place, a safety program can help to ensure that your employees don’t get injured on the job. Because they are probably your company’s greatest asset, and are critical to meeting the needs of your customers, keeping employees safe and healthy also keeps your business safe and healthy.

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Q & A
On Recordkeeping


I keep everything. I am always afraid of throwing items away that deal with my employees. Does it matter? Why shouldn’t I just keep everything?


Record DESTRUCTION is almost as important as recordkeeping. Keeping files that are no longer required (legally) can present other unique issues for human resources. Old records that are no longer pertinent could be pulled in an audit or lawsuit and create other problems for you. As an employer, be sure to have policies and procedures in place to govern your company’s record retention guidelines and be sure to review state and federal rules.

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Legal Updates

New OSHA Rule Creates Concern for Employers' Drug and Alcohol Testing Policies

As we reported in May 2016, OSHA recently published a rule that phases in new requirements for employers. Certain portions of the rule that protect employees against retaliation for reporting injuries and illnesses are giving employers significant cause for concern regarding what had previously been fairly "routine" drug and alcohol testing policies. Although these provisions become effective on August 10, 2016, OSHA recently announced that it would delay enforcement until November 1, 2016, to conduct additional outreach and provide guidance to employers.

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NLRB Makes It Easier for Employers with Temp Workers to Become Unionized

On July 11, 2016, the National Labor Relations Board ("Board") reversed decade old precedent requiring consent from the host employer and a staffing agency before a union election that includes temporary employees could take place. Through its 3-1 decision in the Miller & Anderson, Inc. case, the Board revoked its 2004 Oakwood Care Center holding and reinstated its 2000 decision in M.B. Sturgis by finding that bargaining units covering both regular employees and temporary employees do not require employer approval.

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The Missing Piece of
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Put Your Safety Program
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On Recordkeeping

New OSHA Rule Creates
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NLRB Makes It Easier for
Employers with Temp Workers
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