Labor and Insights February 2018 eNewsletter
Labor and Insights February 2018 eNewsletter
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Vol. VII, Issue II
Oops! I Hired The Wrong Person

Oops! I Hired The Wrong Person


Oops, you did it again. You know what I’m talking about. You made the wrong choice and hired the wrong person.

The new hire is flailing, your hiring manager is frustrated, HR is trying to ensure they stay long enough to not be a total loss, and the CFO is wondering if he can take the recruitment costs and lost productivity out of your budget.


Report: Employees Crave a Sense of Belonging at Work

As organizations become places of shared community, workers are craving a sense of belonging and celebration of life events at work. They want to bring their whole, authentic selves to the workplace.

Globoforce recently released its 2017 WorkHuman Research Institute (WHRI) survey report, finding that the majority (66%) of respondents reported they are the same person at work as they are at home.

Why Hourly Employees Need Performance Reviews


I think it’s safe to say that popular wisdom would lead us to believe that giving hourly employees performance reviews is a colossal waste of time and resources; that the sheer volume and high turnover rates of such workers means investing the time to perform reviews is not good business practice.

But this mindset is changing...

Sexual Harassment Law in 2018


As the breaking news tells us every day, we are in a transformative time when it comes to how harassment is reported and handled in the workplace. From Hollywood to Rockefeller Center and everywhere in-between, employers must be prepared.