Labor and Insights January 2017 eNewsletter
Labor and Insights January 2017 eNewsletter
Feature Article
Work-Related Injuries and the ADA

When an employee has to leave work due to a work-related injury it causes difficulties for many people, especially if it is a disabling injury. That disability status throws the situation into a different category. It is no longer just a worker’s comp issue. It is also now a potential Americans with Disabilities Act issue. This was a the situation for a grocery store in Maryland and that mistake cost them $27,000.

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Tip of the Month
Why You Should Avoid Hiring Cookie Cutter Employees

Don’t hire that cookie cutter employee – pleads Liz Ryan, CEO and Founder of Human Workplace. Although it is very tempting to hire the candidate that checks off every item on your list of hiring requirements, Ryan advises this could be a stagnating decision.

“The only organization that would benefit from the arrival of a cookie cutter employee is one that plans to shut itself off from the world,” says Ryan. “Closing yourself off from signals streaming in from the Reality Channel is a dangerous business move. As comforting as it is to hire someone who has done the job before, don’t do it!”

To identify a cookie cutter employee, Ryan points to some telltale characteristics:

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Q & A
Does Changing Company Culture Mean You Must Change Leadership?

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about how individuals can change company culture. I later received a note on Twitter with a great question:

A change in company culture = A change in leadership. You can’t change the leopard’s spots right?!

At first glance, I would say “yes.” We often talk about how senior management sets the tone of the organization. And when it comes to implementing policies, procedures, etc. within the organization, we absolutely need the buy-in of senior management to be successful.

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Legal Updates

Deductions Decoded: When Can an Employer Legally Deduct Money from an Exempt Employee's Paycheck?

Employers should be very careful when deducting pay from salaried, exempt employees. Absent a specific statutory exception, exempt employees are entitled to receive their full salary during any week in which they perform work. However, under the Fair Labor Standards Act an employer may deduct pay from an exempt employee under the following specific circumstances:

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2016 was the Year of the Data Breach 

Although every year we lament about the significance of data breaches in the past year, 2016 was by far the worst. Data breaches were rampant, victimizing every industry and numbing consumers in the process. It was so bad that consumers began to throw up their hands and say "My personal information is out there anyway. How can I protect myself?"

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