Labor and Insights July 2016 eNewsletter
Labor and Insights July 2016 eNewsletter
Where Outdoor Work and Nature Collide
Feature Article
Where Outdoor Work and Nature Collide

With warmer weather and longer days, employers now have the opportunity to focus on outdoor projects that have fallen dormant for several months.  However, while warmer weather offers employers a chance to get outside and work, moving that work outside can present some hazards to employees that are often overlooked. Whether your workplace is a saw mill, a factory, or an office, the natural inhabitants of your environment who are also awakening at this time of year can pose a threat to your employees. Employers should spend time identifying these potential threats and making to minimize the risks that they present.

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Tip of the Month
Maximizing the Effectiveness of Employee Referral Programs

With shortages of qualified talent in various industries across the U.S., as well as
93 percent of CEOs finding that they need to change their strategy for attracting and retaining talent, businesses today face a significant challenge when it comes to identifying and hiring best-fit candidates to reach company goals and objectives. However, one highly successful and cost-effective talent acquisition tactic that can be employed to quickly source top talent is creating an employee referral program.

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Q & A
FMLA Eligibility for Returning Employee


We have an employee that worked for us for two years. She left for two years and has now returned.  Yesterday she asked me for FMLA paperwork for an upcoming procedure. Is she still eligible for FMLA?  I thought an employee had to be here for 12 consecutive months and meet an hours requirement.


According to the Department of Labor, the 12 months of employment do not have to be consecutive. That means any time previously worked for the same employer (including seasonal work) could, in most cases, be used to meet the 12-month requirement.

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Legal Updates

OSHA's maximum penalties will increase by 78 percent

We know that you're tired of hearing about major new federal Employment law changes but an unusually important announcement came out last week. OSHA has released details on the penalty increases effective August 1, 2016, but retroactive to ongoing inspections as far back as November 2, 2015 if the citations are issued after August 1.

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Harassment Still a Big Problem at U.S. Employers, New EEOC Report Finds

In a new report from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the authors note that they were "deeply troubled" by the persistence of workplace harassment.

According to the workplace harassment statistics cited in the report, nearly a third of the approximately 90,000 charges the EEOC receives each year include an allegation of workplace harassment.

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Where Outdoor Work
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Maximizing the Employee
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FMLA Eligibility for
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OSHA's max. penalties will
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Harassment Still a Big
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