Labor and Insights June 2018 eNewsletter
Labor and Insights June 2018 eNewsletter
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Vol. IV, Issue VI
Communicate Recruiting Wins to the Executive Team

Communicate Recruiting Wins to the Executive Team


The success of your organization depends on the talent it hires. It stands to reason, then, that recruitment deserves an ample portion of company time and money. The key to gaining the resources necessary for developing successful hiring activities is getting buy-in from company management.

Executives need to be aware of the recruiting successes for HR to become the central business function it can be.


How to Avoid Costly Improper Pay Practices

In 2017, a national insurer settled a class action lawsuit filed against it in Connecticut under the FLSA wherein plaintiffs alleged they were due unpaid overtime. This $50 million settlement was the most expensive FLSA settlement in 2017.

TGI Friday's was also involved in a significant FLSA class action filed in a New York federal court. The plaintiffs alleged a number of purportedly improper pay practices.

How to Adopt Neurodiversity in the Workplace


Diversity has ratcheted up the boardroom agenda as companies increasingly recognize the potential that a rich mix of different backgrounds, attitudes, and experiences bring to innovation and decision-making. But most companies are still laggards in the key area of neurodiversity in the workplace, meaning they need to hire more individuals who think differently from one another.


Online vs. Live, In-Person Training


We are looking at conducting some employee training. What are the merits of online training vs. live, in-person training?
We’ve been hearing this question a lot as companies struggle with managing their budgets to get the most value for their employee training. Online learning, also called e-learning, is often seen as being more economical, but is it as effective as a class attended in person?