Labor and Insights March 2017 eNewsletter
Labor and Insights March 2017 eNewsletter

Feature Article
The Link Between Retention and Employee Experience

Retention and employee experience are two sides of the same coin. Here’s a quick story: In one of my previous roles at a different company, a new senior leader came on and laid off half of our department. Those of us remaining were in shell shock. We knew this happens at companies all the time. But little was done to alleviate the fears of those who remained (and had a lot more work on their plates) and the culture seriously suffered. I started looking for a new job almost immediately and accepted an offer a few months later. The day before I was going to give my notice, my manager started a discussion about compensation but for me, it was too little, too late. And for most people, money can’t make up for a negative work experience.

My story is not unique, which is why retention remains a serious issue for HR and business leaders. This article is the first in a series on findings from the new SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Survey (sent to nearly 800 HR professionals). The first finding is:

The top three workforce management challenges faced by organizations today are retention/turnover, engagement, and recruitment.

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Tip of the Month
Humanize Your Organization

Today's HR buzzword: "humanize". More and more I see articles and now even a book about humanizing organizations. It makes sense: With the impact of HR technology, people analytics and social media, it is reasonable to worry that we have lost the ability to relate to each other as human beings.


Many of the HR technology and performance management software tools boast the ability to predict what people will or can do, which is attractive to large organizations that cannot individually engage with every employee. At the same time, one can only generalize the results of research beyond the original group if the variables are identical. With people involved, the variables are rarely identical.

We reduce people to research, science and statistics and stop there. We provide megabytes of people analytics in the form of reports to management, but miss the opportunity to turn the data into the human touch.

Here's the secret: When you dig deep and look at what makes an organization work, it comes down to people and relationships.

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Q & A
Employee Communications

We are struggling to ensure our communications are being heard by all employees.  What could we be doing wrong?

Communication with employees is extremely important.  As much as you communicate, you will likely never be told your business over communicates.  However, we are a society that is on information overload.  We have to cut through that overload to be sure the important messages are heard.

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Legal Updates

Employee Monitoring

Federal laws prohibit the interception of another's electronic communications, but these same laws have multiple exceptions that generally allow employers to monitor employees' email and internet use on employer-owned equipment or networks. As a result, under federal law, when private-sector employees use an organization's telephone or computer system, monitoring their communications is broadly permissible, though there may be exceptions once the personal nature of a communication is determined.

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Employer's Duty to Protect Employees' Personal Information
It is tax season, which means that criminals are busy trying to steal people's tax information (e.g., names, addresses, social security numbers, income information), which they can use to file fraudulent tax returns and steal tax refunds. As an employer, you likely maintain your employees' tax information and, thus, are a target. Indeed, criminals regularly target employers and hack their databases or pose as company executives and send a phishing email asking for all employees' W-2s for accounting purposes.

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