Labor and Insights May 2017 eNewsletter
Labor and Insights May 2017 eNewsletter
Feature Article
Why Rotating Employees Through Your Company Is a Win-Win

The days of employees spending decades at a company -- and receiving a gold watch in gratitude -- are long gone. Workers today are constantly on the move, a fact of life that will only accelerate as job growth picks up. But the turnover poses particular challenges for companies looking to hold onto their best and brightest.

In response, innovative companies are embracing a promising new retention strategy: employee rotation.

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Tip of the Month
Attracting, Hiring and Retaining Talent for the Long Term

Every time an experienced employee walks out the door they take a boatload of experience with them. That experience is valuable and losing it hurts. Whether a manager or individual contributor, the longer good employees stay, the better it is for your organization, which is why hiring for longevity should always be near the top of a recruiter’s list of priorities.  

Eliminating attrition altogether is impossible, but creating structures to find, hire and support people disposed towards longevity has wide ranging benefits.

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Q & A
Ramifications to Consider as a Result of a Reduction in Force

As a result of a Reduction in Force (RIF), we have had to reassign certain tasks to other remaining employees.  What are some ramifications I need to be aware of as a result of doing so?  (i.e. review job descriptions, exempt/non-exempt status, etc.)

A Reduction in Force is not pleasant, but is sometimes necessary to keep the business running in a positive way. The RIF not only affects the person being released from their job, but also the remaining employees who may have an impact on their job duties as well.

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Legal Updates
It's Internship Time!

It's that time of the year when college students will come knocking looking for a job or an internship. Depending on the nature of an organization's business, an unpaid intern might be a great idea. But before organizations start engaging summer intern help, they need to make sure that they are complying with the Department of Labor (DOL) requirements, which include the following six factor test:

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Hiring Under-18 Workers This Summer?

If you plan to employ anyone under 18 years old for the summer, you should be thoroughly familiar with the child-labor limitations prescribed under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. The U.S. Department of Labor enforces these labyrinthine rules strictly and aggressively. Don't count on good intentions to save the day if you get it wrong.

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