MAMU December 19 eNewsletter
MAMU December 19 eNewsletter
December 2019

3 Ways to Master Next Year's Candidate-Driven Market

A growing number of job seekers cite work flexibility as a top consideration.

The unemployment lows we’ve seen throughout 2019 are expected to continue into the new year. In 2020, recruiters will have to work harder than ever.

With fewer qualified applicants coming your way, you may find yourself scrambling to impress top talent, not the other way around.

To get ahead in 2020’s candidate-driven market, you’ll have to take a flexible approach – in more ways than one.

1. Attract Top Talent with Job Flexibility
In many industries, jobs can survive – and even thrive – when employees are permitted to work remotely or on flexible schedules.

The 2019 LinkedIn Global Talent Trends Report highlighted the growing significance of job flexibility in the recruiting process:
Work Celebration Ideas to Keep Your Employees Engaged and Excited

It’s time to breathe some new life into your office events.

Unite your team by celebrating company milestones and anniversaries with these creative appreciation ideas.

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays–there’s a reason these events get circled in our calendars every year: they give meaning to significant life moments, help us mark milestones, and let us connect with the people we care about.

Our research shows that when news of success is spread across an organization, there is a 57% increase in feelings of appreciation. This is why your company’s achievements are just as worthy of celebration as any other important life event. Celebrating team anniversaries and milestones helps your employees unite over their collaborative efforts–and reinforces how much those efforts contribute to your company’s success.

"Ok, Boomer" Not Okay in the Workplace

As the phrase becomes more common, so does the risk for employers.

The latest catchphrase in the ongoing generational battle between Millennials and their more senior counterparts may have consequences for employers if permitted in the workplace. The phrase, “OK, Boomer” has increasingly gained popularity among Millennials and Generation Z’ers as a way of dismissing comments or habits from older generations that they view as out of touch. The term was initially coined in response to an online video rant by unidentified older man, in which he criticized younger generations for their sensitivity and perceived failure to launch, calling them “snowflakes” and “Peter Pans.” The term has since expanded from its initial meme form to become increasingly used as an in-person retort.

Workplace Bullying Can Be Costly

Bullying exists well beyond the confines of the schoolyard.

When the topic of bullying arises, many think back to those days as a youth where some nasty kid on the playground made life miserable for passive children who wanted no part of an altercation. The yellow-eyed villain Scut Farkus in the 1983 film “A Christmas Story” is the prototypical bully. In fact, his role was so iconic that the actor who played him, Zack Ward, now spearheads an anti-bullying campaign, using his role in the movie to create awareness about what bullying is and how to stop it.

These days, the subject of bullying has become somewhat of a school administrator crusade as most no longer view it as “kids being kids” and bullying is taken very seriously.