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Seeing More Candidates Is a Mistake
Posted on Friday, March 5, 2021
Why Seeing More Candidates is a Mistake | The Arnold Group - A Human Resource Blog

Why Seeing More Candidates is a Mistake

You choose to work with a recruiting agency for a very specific reason: to reduce your recruiting and hiring workload. Allowing the experts to find the quality candidates you need to fill your open job position is the best way to not only save yourself time and headaches, but to place your company in the best strategic position to gain top talent.

One of the most common requests we get from our business clients is to see a variety of additional candidates before they make a final hiring decision. While we agree that interviewing different candidates is the best way to ensure you’re making the best hiring decision, we don’t believe in sending a lot of candidates your way… here’s why:

It’s our job to narrow down the search for the right candidates for you, to save you time and headaches from sourcing and recruiting, and ensure you see only the best prospects for the position. We strive to understand your company culture and specific needs, so we can find the right candidates for you to speak with. This approach means you don’t have to spend your valuable time weeding through numerous candidates who likely aren’t a good fit. Our recruiters hand-select two or three professionals who we believe will do the job effectively, meet your specified requirements, and be a good fit for your company.

Sometimes, after meeting with the hand-picked candidates we send, a client will want to meet with more candidates to solidify the feeling that they’ve found the right person already. While we understand the need to be confident in hiring decisions, requesting additional candidates to speak with isn’t an effective way to make that determination. In fact, it’s a good way to lose a candidate to a competitor’s offer. In today’s fast-paced market for top talent, companies must be prepared move quickly once the right candidate has been identified.

Working with a staffing and recruiting agency to fill your open job positions is one of the best ways to save your valuable time and ensure you only speak with the premier candidates from the beginning. Because our first step is to gain a full understanding of the position and your company, we are able to source and recruit the best prospects and eliminate the need for you to spend time weeding through additional candidates.