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Signs You've Found the Right Candidate
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Posted on Tuesday, March 16, 2021
How to Know You've Found the Right Candidate for the Job | TAG Talk - A Human Resources Blog

Signs You’ve Found the Right Candidate

When trying to fill an open position, it can be difficult to know which candidate is the right one for the job – especially if you’re replacing an employee you hated to lose. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know for sure which candidate is the “right” one until they’ve spent some time in the role, but there are some signs to watch for that are excellent indicators the candidate might be a great fit.

Sign #1 - They’ve Done Their Homework

An easy indicator as to whether a candidate could be the right choice is how prepared they are at the interview. Someone who arrives with knowledge about your company gained from prior research and has prepared well thought out questions is likely someone you want on your team.

Sign #2 - Their Enthusiasm Shows

Candidates who are more likely to be a good fit for the role are ones who are enthusiastic about the position and about your company. A candidate showing little to no excitement about the opportunity probably won’t be happy long-term if they do end up in the position.

Sign #3 - The Interview Flows Well

When adding a new team member, a critical factor to consider is how they will fit in to your existing team. If the interview flows well and becomes an easy conversation, that’s a good sign this person will be a good fit for your team. If the interview doesn’t flow well, it will be painfully clear this isn’t the person for the job.

Sign #4 - Their Communication Is Great

Communication is the key to success in any role, making it an essential skill for any top candidate to possess. In today’s work environment, there are a multitude of communication types to consider, including written, verbal, video/zoom, and phone etiquette skills. Other communication considerations are the timeliness of their responses, their ability to read non-verbal cues, and how well they interact with others.

Sign #5 - They’re Realistic About Their Skills

Candidates who present their skills, qualifications and achievements well, yet still come across as humble usually end up being great employees. Another signal of a good candidate is being self-aware and realistic about their weaknesses and presenting their flaws as growth and learning opportunities.

Sign #6 - They’re Realistic About the Job

Candidates who arrive with a good understanding of what the expectations and responsibilities of the position are have obviously read the job description – this is a sign of a great candidate. These individuals are more likely to have realistic expectations of the position, growth trajectories and timelines, and make motivated and eager employees.

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to know for sure which candidate is the “right” one to fill an open position. In fact, it’s probably easier to know for sure who isn’t right for the job than it is to know who is right for it. Fortunately, there are some signs to watch out for that serve as great indicators of a potential good fit that can help make your hiring decision a little bit easier.

Article Categories: Recruiting/Hiring