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The Arnold Group (TAG) - Job Seeker Blog
Are You (Really) Looking for a Job? Just Say No!
Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Are You (Really) Looking for a Job? Just Say No!

How many phone calls have you not answered today? Probably a lot, especially from unknown numbers. Now imagine it’s your job to be on the other end of the phone making those calls, just trying to get someone you’ve already spoken with to answer their phone. No, we don’t mean telemarketers… we mean those of us genuinely trying to reach you to discuss something important.

That’s how recruiters feel. It’s nearly impossible to get anyone to answer a phone call these days… even if someone reached out first and knows that you’ll be getting back in touch soon. A recruiter will only ever call to discuss something important – maybe it’s an opportunity, maybe it’s an offer, maybe they need some additional information to send to a company you just interviewed with.

Regardless of the reason, it’s important we get a hold of you. Otherwise, we assume you’re not really looking for a job because:

  • You don’t answer the phone,
  • You don’t provide or update important information,
  • You apply for any and all jobs, but never answer our calls or messages.

If you really are looking for a job, consider this advice:

If you’ve submitted an application anywhere – answer your phone! You never know when someone is going to follow up to discuss scheduling an interview. And if you’re working with a staffing agency, put their number into your contact list so you recognize their number when they call to talk about a job opportunity.

Our second piece of advice? Just say no! That’s right – just tell your recruiter no if you’re not interested in an opportunity they’re calling about or continuing to use their services. This saves the recruiter time and keeps your phone from blowing up.

Our last piece of advice? Be really honest. Recruiters truly want to know exactly what you’re looking for in a position so they can make sure they’re calling you about positions you actually want. Staffing agencies keep records of anytime they try to reach a candidate or what happens during the phone call. This can affect whether or not you’re considered for position you may really want in the future.

We understand all the unknown phone calls everyone gets every day are extremely annoying. But you have to ask yourself, “Am I willing to mess up a future opportunity because I didn’t bother to answer the phone?”