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Job Search Tips From the People Doing the Hiring
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Posted on Monday, August 29, 2022
Job Search Tips from the People Doing the Hiring

Job Search Tips from the People Doing the Hiring

With so much competition out there, all with varying degrees of experience within the field you are also trying to get a job in, how do you stick out from the crowd? Whether you’re just starting your first job search or have a bit more experience being on the hunt, here are some job search tips from the people doing the hiring.

Draft a Resume That Can’t Be ignored
A hiring manager’s first glance at a resume is just that – a glance. Most spend less than twenty seconds looking at each resume that comes across their desk, making it critical that your resume gets them to take a second look. There are many resume resources out there to get you started, and we highly encourage you to use those resources to create the best resume you can. Here are some of the basics:

  • Make your name and contact information easily visible.
  • List your most recent and relevant information first.
  • Be clear, concise and strategic with the details you include. They should demonstrate your qualifications and knowledge while quantifying why you are the best person for the position.
  • Use appropriate formatting techniques.
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread! Simple mistakes are one of the fastest ways to disqualify yourself from the running.

Be Strategic in Your Search
Every job seeker is going to have a different strategy, but some aspects are universal. Only apply for jobs you’re willing to commute to, are actually willing to show up and do, and are qualified for. Spending time applying for jobs that don’t align with your skills and goals is wasted time, for both you and the hiring manager. There’s no easier way to turn off a potential employer, and elongate your search than wasting time by not being strategic.

Commit Time to Your Search, and Use it Effectively
There’s no way around it, searching for jobs takes time. Commit time every day to searching and applying for jobs, and actually use that time for your job search. As tempting as it might be, especially if you get frustrated or discouraged, scrolling Instagram or browsing Amazon (even for a quick second) is time away from finding a job. All that does is ensure you’re going to spend even more time searching rather than working on landing a position and starting to earn that paycheck.

Use Your Resources
There are so many resources out there to help with your job hunt that it’s silly not to utilize them. On top of job websites such as Indeed, Career Builder, or Monster, there are also local job boards to check out as well as recruiting and staffing agencies who will assist with your job hunt. It’s a mistake to rely on just one avenue in your job hunt when there are so many available to you, and often for no charge. The more avenues you utilize in your job hunt, the faster you’ll find employment.

Be Proactive
Jobs will very rarely just fall into your lap – it’s up to you to own your job search and put in the work required to find and land a job. Some of the best things you can do are: search and apply every day, follow up (within reason) on the resumes/applications you submit, and respond to emails and phone calls in a timely manner. Hiring managers are not going to chase you down, so if you want the job you have to be proactive enough to take the steps to get it.

Searching for a new job, especially your first job, is not a quick, easy task but it’s well worth the effort involved and time invested to land that awesome opportunity. Take the time to draft a searchable and memorable resume, and to find and apply for jobs you are qualified for and interested in. The more strategic and proactive you are while job hunting, the better your search is going to go. Utilize your resources and take responsibility for your job search to set yourself up to create the outcome you’re shooting for.

Article Categories: Job Search