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The Arnold Group (TAG) - Job Seeker Blog
The Truth About Staffing Agencies
Posted on Monday, November 22, 2021

The Truth About Staffing Agencies

There are a lot of misconceptions about working with a staffing agency, and some of them could impact your success. Whether you’ve worked with one before, or are trying to decide if it’s a good path for you, you should have a good understanding about how they work.

True or False: Staffing Agencies Only Have Temp Jobs

False! Many think staffing agencies only have temporary roles, but this isn’t true. 80% of our opportunities are temp-to-hire, which means the intent to bring a candidate on board full time is high. In addition, we are always up-front and open about the type of opportunity we’re discussing with our candidates, so there’s no confusion or ambiguity about the type of position you’re considering or how long you’ll be on assignment.

True or False: It’s time consuming to apply with a staffing agency.

False! It might actually be faster to apply with a staffing agency than it is with other employers. With a staffing agency, all you have to do is submit your resume (or fill out an application if you don’t have a resume) one time… and that’s it! From there, you’ll have a quick interview to talk with a staffing specialist about your work history and skills, what type of position you’re looking for, your desired schedule and pay range, and anything else that might be relevant to your job search.

Once an agency has your information on file, they’ll be able to consider you for all of the current and future job opportunities they have available to try and match you with one that might be a great fit.

True or False: Staffing agencies aren’t like traditional employers.

This is true, but it’s also false. Staffing agencies are different from traditional employers in that you’ll work for the agency on assignment at one of the business client companies. But, like a traditional employer, you are a direct employee of the staffing agency, which means you still have to provide notice if you can’t make it to an interview or to work. If you quit by walking off of a job, or not calling to explain what’s going on, you will be ineligible to work with that agency – just like any other traditional employer.

True or False: Staffing agencies only have entry level or general labor jobs.

False! Yes, we have entry-level and general labor jobs… but we also have high-level, skilled positions, clerical opportunities, opportunities in the medical field, finance industry, aviation, and more. Basically, staffing agencies have opportunities across a wide-range of industries, for a wide-range of skills and levels, from entry-level to management. We’ve even found jobs for executives and c-suite professionals through our Executive Search division.

Whether you’re looking to make a long-term career move or just need a temporary gig, working with a staffing agency is a great way to enhance your job search. In order to have a successful outcome in working with one, you need to have a good understanding of how the process works and what to expect. If you think working with an agency is right for your job hunt, take a minute to submit an application.