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This is Why You Haven't Found Your Dream Job
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Posted on Sunday, February 23, 2020

This Is Why You Haven’t Found Your Dream Job

Are you still searching for your ultimate dream job? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, a majority of today’s workforce is on the quest to find the job that makes them excited to go to work every day. Surprisingly, what that majority of workers also have in common is the inability to realistically determine what that dream job might be… let alone find it.

For many of us, the perfect job is out there… although it probably isn’t what you might expect it to be. If you’re on the quest to find the career of your dreams but haven’t had any luck so far, keep these things in mind:

Your dream job is going to keep changing.
Think about it: is your dream job today the same as the job you imagined doing when you were 10 years old? Probably not – and that’s alright! As you move through life, things change, and that includes what your dream job might be.

Furthermore, your idea of a dream job today may look vastly different than it will look ten years from now. Between changing technology and cultural norms, your ideal future job may not even exist yet. In order to find your dream job, keep in mind that it may change over time.

Your dream job may not be just one job.
Unless you’re fortunate to find and land a position that encompasses all of your many talents and passions, your dream job might actually be more than one job. Maybe that involves working a few different part-time gigs in different industries; maybe it involves a career at a company you love while volunteering or adopting a hobby that encompasses something you’re passionate about.

Searching for one job that will utilize every talent you have and fulfill your interests and passions may leave you continually lost on your quest to find it. Instead, consider engaging in multiple jobs or activities that create the sense of fulfillment you’ve been searching for.

Your dream job still isn’t going to be perfect.
Many view their dream job as one they’re excited to go to every day, that will always be a good day at work, and comes very easily. Unfortunately, regardless of what your ideal job may be, that just isn’t realistic. Many successful people admired for having the ultimate career path still face many struggles and hardships. That successful author probably went through over a dozen manuscripts that were rejected before finally getting one published. That successful entrepreneur likely worked many long hours and all-nighters, gave up on social activities and compromised family time in order to achieve success. Even successful actors and musicians have to give up things like privacy and regularly getting to be at home with family for their jobs.

If you’re still on the quest to find your dream job, don’t despair… it is possible. The key is being realistic about what the ideal career looks like, and the potential struggles and hard work involved. You also need to be prepared for your dream job to change. Maybe you’ve been working at the dream job for ten years, but are no longer content and now it’s time to start searching for a new position that meets your new criteria. Being realistic about what your dream profession really involves and how to achieve it is your first step to finding and landing it.

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Article Categories: Career Advice, Job Search