TAG Associate Handbook - Procedures for Payment
TAG Associate Handbook - Procedures for Payment

Procedures for Payment

One Week Delay Payroll Method
  • The Arnold Group (TAG) uses a One Week Delay Payroll Method. By using this method, payroll is ran/processed after all hours worked have been reported for the entire pay period. Your pay schedule is a combination of two pieces of information:
  1. Pay period - The pay period timeframe is the defined work week during which employees work. TAG pay periods begin every Monday and end every Sunday and paydays are the following Friday.
  2. Pay date - The pay date is the day employees receive their wages for the associated pay period. At TAG, your pay will be deposited into your designated account on the Friday following the pay period, so long as your hours are reported accurately, on time, and approved by your client supervisor.

Following is an illustration of the One Week Delay Payroll Method:

One Week Delay Payroll Method


  • Work hours/time is due by 10:00am on Monday for all hours worked in the pay period. The following Friday is the scheduled pay date for each pay period.
  • Blue Friday is the associated pay date for the previous light blue pay period.
  • Green Friday is the associated pay date for the previous green pay period.
Work Hours/Time Sheet Deadline
  • Time sheets for hours worked Monday through Sunday should be submitted to our office by 10:00 a.m. every Monday. If you work more than one assignment during the week, please complete one time sheet for each job assignment. Please see the "Your Time Sheet" section for examples on correctly completing your time sheet. Some business clients may submit your time for you. Your TAG supervisor will explain these details to you when and if necessary.
After Hours Drop Box
  • TAG offers an after hours drop box for your convenience if you are unable to stop by during normal business hours. Your TAG supervisor can provide you with the drop-box location.
  • All overtime hours (any hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a work week) will be verified with our business client prior to payment.
Direct Deposit/Paycard Account Changes
  • If you make changes to your designated direct deposit payment account (Paycard/checking account/saving account), TAG must receive account information changed by 4:00pm on Wednesday to ensure no interruption regarding your pay. Changes submitted after this deadline may result in a delay of your pay.