TAG Associate Handbook - Tips for Success
TAG Associate Handbook - Tips for Success

Tips for Success

Tips for success while on assignment:

  • Remember your time sheet. Let us know if you don't have one and we will provide one for you.
  • Be on time. In fact, being early on your first day is a good idea.
  • Be friendly. Introduce yourself to your co-workers. Having a warm, professional attitude is the best way to fit in.
  • Be flexible. Do your best to adapt to the environment and procedures of the assignment.
  • Dress appropriately for each assignment. Your TAG supervisor will tell you what to expect.
  • Be considerate of co-workers, customers, and associates. Good personal hygiene is a must.
  • Ask questions! If you're unsure of something, check with the client supervisor.
  • Always maintain a high level of confidentiality. Don't discuss the specific details of your work with anyone but the client supervisor.
  • Do not make personal calls unless it is an emergency. If you need to make a personal call, do so during a break or during your lunch period. Making long distance calls while on an assignment is never allowed.
  • Please do not approach the client about full-time employment. If you have an interest in a position, let your TAG supervisor know.

We want you to be successful – feel free to call your TAG office anytime – we’re here to help!