TAG Associate Handbook - When to Contact TAG
TAG Associate Handbook - When to Contact TAG

When to Contact TAG

The following are examples of when to contact us:

  • If you cannot make an assignment for any reason, call TAG prior to your assignment start time.
  • If you are requested to perform any duties other than the ones described to you by your TAG supervisor.
  • If you have any safety concerns or suggestions.
  • If you are injured while on assignment.
  • If you have completed or are nearing completion of an assignment.
  • If you are available for work. Check in 'available' online or by phone (no more than once per week is recommended).
  • If a client offers you a regular, full-time position, remind them that you are employed by TAG. You may accept the offer, but you must discuss it first with your TAG supervisor.
  • If you change your contact information (name, telephone number or address).
  • If you have direct deposit/paycard account changes, TAG must receive account information changes by 4:00pm Wednesday to ensure no interruption in your pay. Changes submitted after this deadline may result in a delay of your pay.

Additionally, contact us immediately if you believe you are experiencing any type of harassment while on an assignment.