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Often, choosing a staffing service amounts to nothing more than a last-minute phone call to fill an absence or to obtain assistance in a crisis. However, taking a more strategic approach to choosing a staffing partner can actually be very valuable. Not only can you minimize costs, but you may be able to find employees who are far more productive for the tasks at hand.

Regardless of the size or scope of your need, The Arnold Group (TAG) will provide the required number of qualified employees to keep your company productive and competitive. Like all companies, you depend on highly-skilled and qualified employees to keep your departments running smoothly and to enhance productivity.

The Arnold Group (TAG), the leader in Executive Search and Placement, is comprised of recruiters who have built a reputation of excellence throughout the Midwest. Our reputation for quality stems from our commitment to personalized service, confidentiality and maintaining the most ethical standards in the recruiting industry. Our Professional Placement service allows you to streamline your hiring procedures as we offer dedicated service throughout the selection process.

Employers that effectively use assessments in their selection process often identify and select better qualified candidates resulting in improved performance of their workforce. Assessment results provide you with valuable information regarding a candidate’s workplace attitudes, behaviors, skills, and abilities, thus allowing you to improve your hiring decisions. Effectively evaluating candidates prior to selection or promotion strengthens your bottom line by selecting the right person the first time, which allows you to retain your recruiting and training investment.


Employee training is a corporate strategy which drives business results and provides organizations with a true competitive advantage. It is a strategic investment in your biggest asset... your employees. Developing talent is truly beneficial as it will optimize your employees' potential, improve performance, and positively impact your Organization's bottom line. Developmental Training is no longer an option, it's a business necessity. That's why The Arnold Group's (TAG) training sessions provide resources in which your people can refine their skills, discover their distinctiveness and realize their potential.

The Arnold Group (TAG) provides a variety of human resources consulting services for small- to mid-sized companies. Our certified HR consultants can respond to the human resource needs that you simply don't have the time, expertise or resources to address effectively. Our solutions are highly-customized based on individual client needs that are designed to deliver day-to-day efficiencies as well as long-term strategic advantage through improved HR management. Our services can be delivered independently or as integrated bundles to give clients the flexibility and expertise they need, when they need it.


The Arnold Group (TAG) provides a variety of Safety Consulting services for small- to mid-sized companies. Our Certified Safety and Health Official can respond to the safety needs that you simply don't have the time, expertise or resources to address effectively.

The Arnold Group offers employers and business organizations quick access to a variety of human resource and staffing industry updates, tools and resources including: ACA and healthcare information, labor & industrial insights magazine, LI Insights eNewsletters, the TAG mobile application, and TAG Talk - a Human Resource blog.