Workplace Safety Tips
Workplace Safety Tips

You, as our employee, are The Arnold Group’s most important asset, so we choose our clients carefully to ensure you have a safe workplace. The applicable general safety rules should be observed and followed on every assignment you accept from The Arnold Group. If you are asked to perform work which was not part of your initial job description, call your TAG supervisor immediately.

Safety 101: Common Workplace Safety Hazards

 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Basics     

Different jobs and work environments require the use of different Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It's important to know what PPE is necessary for the specific tasks and environment you're working in, as well as the proper care and use of that equipment. Some PPE basics and best practices are:

  1. Always use safety glasses, gloves, ear protection and any other protective equipment as required every time.
  2. Ensure all protective equipment fits you correctly.
  3. Open-toed shoes, or shoes with thin soles shouldn't be worn.
  4. Immediately ask supervisors to replace worn out equipment.